What's Included?

  • Premium video content delivered by NEKSA Experts
  • Workbooks to manage your goals and actions throughout your career search
  • Resource guide’s to build on the video and provide additional external links
  • Regular guest experts from leading companies like Google, Cisco, Electronic Arts and more
  • A full 100% money back guarantee
What's Included?

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  • 1
    Career Search Strategy
    • 1.1 Understanding The Recruitment Process
    • 1.2 Planning and Self-Assessment
    • 1.3 Choosing The Right Employment Environment
    • 1.4 Setting SMART Goals
    • 1.5 Understanding Your Skillset
    • 1.6 Identifying Job Opportunities
    • 1.7 Identifying Target Employers
    • 1.8 Job Application
  • 2
    How To Build A Winning CV/Resume
    • 2.1 Formatting Your Resume And Knowing Your Audience
    • 2.2 Constructing Your Resume - Part 1
    • 2.3 Constructing Your Resume - Part 2
    • 2.4 Optimizing Your Resume For Competitive Advantage
    • 2.5 How To Avoid Common Resume Mistakes
  • 3
    LinkedIn Best Practices
    • 3.1 Personal Profile - Part 1
    • 3.2 Personal Profile - Part 2
    • 3.3 Building A Community
    • 3.4 Job Search And Networking
    • 3.5 Creating Content - Part 1
    • 3.6 Creating Content - Part 2
    • 3.7 Key Takeaways
  • 4
    • 4.1 Understanding Networking
    • 4.2 Networking Skills
    • 4.3 Passive and Targeted Networking
    • 4.4 Where to Build Relationships Offline
    • 4.5 Where to Build Relationships Offline
  • 5
    Interview Preparation
    • 5.1 Research, Logistics & Practice
    • 5.2 Types of Interview Questions
    • 5.3 Technical Interview Questions
    • 5.4 Behavioural Interview Questions and Using STAR Technique
    • 5.5 Psychometric Tests and Other Recruitment Tools
    • 5.6 Communication and Building Rapport
  • 6
    Receiving Your Job Offer
    • 6.1 References
    • 6.2 The Job Offer
    • 6.3 Negotiating Your Offer
    • 6.4 Employment Contract
    • 6.5 Resignation

How it works

No subscriptions, unlimited access to everything for 12 months, all for a single fee.

  • 1

    Guided Self Assessment

  • 2

    Strategies to focus your job search

  • 3

    Optimizing your Resume

  • 4

    Stand out with your own personal brand

  • 5

    Powerful Networking tools

  • 6

    Succeeding at Interviews

  • 7

    Maximizing your compensation

NEKSA Experts

Swish Goswami Swish Goswami LinkedIn Editor I Coach I CEO @ Trufan

"Members say they've gotten huge value from Swish on how to optimize their LinkedIn profile, how to really use LinkedIn to further their career search, and in particular, how to start creating a personal brand. Check out some of our other experts on NEKSA."

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  • What is NEKSA?

    NEKSA is a career coaching platform that provides expert advice and guidance to take you through the entire career search process. You will experience high quality video content, workbooks and resource guides as well as a 1:1 personalized coaching session with a NEKSA certified coach. From self assessment, developing your strategy, building a winning resume, utilising Linkedin, networking, Interview preparation (including mock interviews, and help negotiating your offer, reviewing your contract and resigning. You’ll also have access to regular guest interviews with industry experts.

  • How much does it cost?

    You get everything, unlimited for 12 months, for just one payment of $149.

  • What is the cancelation policy?

    We offer a full refund within 5 days of purchase. Contact our customer care department at customercare@neksa.com. If you're dis-satisfied with your NEKSA experience at any time, please get in touch. We are here to help you!

  • Is personalized coaching included?

    1:1 coaching is available at an extra cost. Contact info@NEKSA.com for more infomration.

  • Networking

    With up to 80% of jobs filled through networking, learn the tips and tricks to turn your professional network into your next career opportunity.

  • Education

    Educate yourself through NEKSA on how to get the career you really want.

  • Knowledge

    Insights and inside information on how the recruiting industry really works behind-the-scenes.

  • Skills

    On average, recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing a resume. Learn to make your skills stand out.

  • Abilities

    Learn to emphasize the abilities you already have and create new ones. Fake it ‘til you make it doesn't work!


No subscriptions, unlimited access to everything for 12 months.

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